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Dharmada Government Primary Teachers’ Training Institute

College Fees

Admission Fees
1] Rs. 1000/- (Rs one thousand) expenses of food.

2] Other charges on the items stated below:-

{a} Development Fees: Rs 600/- X 4 =Rs 2400/-
{b} Laboratory Fees: Rs 1000/-
{c} Admission Fees: Rs 1000/-
{d} Library Fees: Rs 500/-
{e} Computer Fees: Rs 500/-
{f} Sports Fees: Rs 500/-
{g} Magazine Fees: Rs 300/-
{h} Excursion Fees: Rs 300/-
{i} Electric Fees: Rs 700/-
{j} Internal Examination Fees: Rs 500/-
Total: Rs 7700/-
(Rupees Seven thousand Seven Hundred only)

The homelike quality of our colleage contributes to a relaxed, focused experience for the child. Our indoor classroom activities are placed on open shelves for selection as interest and readiness inspires the child. Our outdoor environment offers a beautiful developed playground with manipulatives, tricycles, pets, and gardens.